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wMail is a fork of the popular, attractive, and fast kmMail Webmail package, which has not seen any new development in many years. IMAP support is included, as well as HTML rendering of email and great MIME support like that of kmMail.


Recent releases

  •  26 Nov 2004 10:39

    Release Notes: This release fixes another IE bug, in which if you were using HTTPS for Webmail, it was also inhibiting the downloading of some attachments.

    •  26 Nov 2004 10:34

      Release Notes: This version fixes a bug or feature in IE (not sure which) that caused some attachments to be unviewable.

      •  26 Nov 2004 00:32

        Release Notes: This release revamps the forwarding system, and attachments are now forwarded properly. The message list now looks much better and more professional. All known major bugs are now fixed.

        •  18 Nov 2004 04:49

          Release Notes: The login system was revamped to do screen-based login instead of HTTP Auth. Sessions are used to track users instead. Register_Globals should no longer be needed. The ability to view images inline was added. Folder cookie setting was taken out. Replying to messages now uses the "From" address and not "Reply-To" address (annoying for mailing lists). The weather displays the proper icon even when the moon icon is specified in XML. Forwarding messages quotes the sender, instead of being blank. Delivery Status should be displayed properly now. The build is now scripted.

          •  10 Nov 2004 10:19

            Release Notes: This version allows the user to set their name and email address if so configured, moves the send button to a nicer spot on the compose page, allows for the attaching of multiple files, and removes some site specific settings that accidentally made it into the previous release. Overall, it is a much cleaner and usable release.


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