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  •  26 Jun 2004 13:32

Release Notes: This release brings aligned sections, preliminary support for listfiles, many directive aliases, file handling directives, descending enumerations, and plenty of other new features and bugfixes.

  •  12 Jun 2003 04:58

Release Notes: New features in this release include a random number generator, computation definitions, completely freely relocatable code sections, and SNES related directives. Fixes have been made to the macro parser, HuC-6280 and 65816 mnemonics lists, and a few rare bugs have been eliminated.

  •  03 May 2002 01:42

Release Notes: This version adds .b/.w operand hint support to pure hexadecimal and binary operands, fixes many 8-bit relative operands to be absolute, adds support for 65C02 systems (wla-65c02), adds support for HuC6280 systems (wla-huc6280), fixes a problem where WLALINK would discard (with flag d) all SDSCTAG-sections generated with .SDSCTAG, adds a few missing Z80 opcodes, fixes a silly bug in .SDSCTAG, and renames "wla-spc" to "wla-spc700".

  •  22 Oct 2001 11:18

Release Notes: The .INPUT directive was added. It is now possible to set the bank/slot size to full 65536 bytes. The u switch was removed. The problem where redefining a value definition to be a string definition would crash WLA has been fixed. Support for SPC-700 systems was added. The class 4 mnemonic ("ADC #x", "LDA #x", etc) decoder for the 658 family now handles labels correctly in 8bit operand mode. "SUB (IX+n)" was mistyped as "SUB A, (IX+n)" in the Z80 processor code. The .SDSCTAG directive for the Z80 family was updated to support version 1.01 of the SDSC ROM Tag Specification.

  •  04 Mar 2001 04:10

Release Notes: This release includes support for recursive macros, section size defining, macro arguments in computations, GG/SMS checksum computing, and loads of bugs fixed.


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