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WLA DX is yet another macro assembler that can program the GB-Z80, Z80, 6502, 65c02, 6510, 65816, HuC6280, and SPC-700 CPUs. Included in the package there is a GB-Z80 disassembler and few converters. WLA DX was initially programmed to compile ROM images for Gameboy, but nowadays it can also patch existing ROM images with code, and even compile program files and ROM files for other CPUs like the NES-6502, C64-6510, and SNES's SPC-700.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Mar 2008 07:12

    Release Notes: This version fixes some small bugs, adds filter macros to .db, .dw, and .incbin, and incorporates a Mersenne Twister. This release also changes the way label addresses are calculated inside branch opcodes' pending calculations.

    •  09 Sep 2006 18:20

      Release Notes: A couple of new directives, directive aliases, makefiles, and examples were added. .MEMORYMAP and .MACRO parsing were enhanced. This release incorporates a few 6502 related fixes.

      •  22 Aug 2004 15:18

        Release Notes: This release fixes a big code section related bug in 9.1 and one small preprocessor bug. It includes makefile dependency creation and support for h-suffix for hexadecimal values.

        •  26 Jun 2004 20:32

          Release Notes: This release brings aligned sections, preliminary support for listfiles, many directive aliases, file handling directives, descending enumerations, and plenty of other new features and bugfixes.

          •  23 Nov 2003 20:54

            Release Notes: This release includes small but useful fixes in the parser and directives. Z80 and 65816 users in particular should find this release useful.


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