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Winstone is a Java Servlet Container that provides servlet functionality without the bloat that full J2EE compliance introduces.


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  •  30 Aug 2006 05:01

Release Notes: Servlet v2.5 spec compliance has been added, as well as session persistence across container restarts and a bunch of extra request dispatching and session fixes.

  •  06 Mar 2006 07:47

Release Notes: The license for the Winstone Servlet Container has been updated to make it more commercially friendly. The GPL has been abandoned in favor of a dual LGPL / CDDL licensing scheme. It also contains some fixes for JSP includes and use with appfuse.

  •  23 Jan 2006 13:47

Release Notes: A few important new features, including an expanded JDBC connection pool (with keep-alive queries and block-and-retry behaviour when the pool has been exhausted), name-based virtual hosting, Apache-style customizable access logging, and an all-in-one jar file container + Web app deployment option. There are many performance enhancements and bugfixes, especially for WebDAV support.


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