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Version of WikyBlog

Release Notes: This release improves mapping features by centralizing styles and making map loading more reliable. Some minor bugfixes were made.

Other releases

  •  08 Jun 2009 08:13

    Release Notes: Significant changes include the introduction of video embed syntax, a cleaner GUI, and refined blog caching.

    Release Notes: The addition of a collapsible table template and a 'continue editing' link for previews. Themes have been streamlined to use a single CSS file and some minor bugs were fixed.

    •  03 Mar 2009 19:03

    Release Notes: This release includes minor bugfixes affecting the validity of XML/XHTML output and the version upgrade script.

    •  15 Dec 2008 23:26

    Release Notes: No major changes were made since RC2, and the bugs that were reported have been fixed.

    •  23 Sep 2008 10:56

    Release Notes: Abbreviated map output was brought up to speed with the newly improved blogging features. A content length preference was also added, in addition to code optimizations and bugfixes.


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