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WikklyText is a Python-based wiki and modular library for creating custom wikitext rendering applications. Its wikitext engine is compatible with the TiddlyWiki markup language. It functions equally well as a wiki-on-a-stick or as a multiuser wiki behind Apache. It includes a Drupal plugin as well.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Aug 2009 00:51

    Release Notes: Plugins can now attach arbitrary WSGI applications to the wiki. There is a new "WSGI" macro type that receives the WSGI environment as an argument. The major benefit is that macros can now access the wiki directly. There are other minor bugfixes collected since the last release.

    •  29 Sep 2008 06:39

      Release Notes: Reorganization of the caching layer solves a number of rendering and portability issues. Cache is now cleaned periodically to avoid unbounded growth. Cleanups in link parsing were done for TiddlyWiki compatibility. Some rendering speedups were made, especially in text store. Rendered output is now XHTML 1.0 compliant (Strict).

      •  12 Aug 2008 17:27

        Release Notes: A new plugin API makes it easy to add user-defined macros. An option to to create autolinks to unknown CamelWords and links, just like TiddlyWiki does, has been added. User-defined log filters on the admin page have been added. File locking has been added to TiddlyWiki and text stores. There are many other fixes and enhancements.

        •  12 Jun 2008 06:01

          Release Notes: A GUI "control center" was added for managing local wikis. This is particularly useful if you are running several local wikis and don't want to keep starting and stopping them by hand. Handling of embedded Python code in wikitexts was fixed. Options were added on the wiki admin page to turn off most disk writes (for more USB-friendly usage). SiteTitle and SiteSubtitle are now rendered correctly.

          •  10 May 2008 21:55

            Release Notes: This is an update to the parser to handle wikis created with TiddlyWiki 2.4.0.


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