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Wikidbase is a powerful and highly flexible combination of two structural extremes of data management systems: a wiki and a database. As such, it has all of the flexibility of a wiki (e.g. any kind of unstructured data can be stored) and the structural data capabilities of a database (e.g. data may be modelled similarly to database fields, tables, and relations, such that structural reports can me made of that data). The functionality is combined in such a way that this general-purpose data management system may be shaped easily, without the need of a database expert, into a custom data management application such as a contact relation management (CRM) system, a knowledge base, a shared calendar system, a project management system, etc.


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  •  05 Aug 2009 13:09

    Release Notes: The installation was updated to use virtualenv, so it is easier to install wikidbase alongside newer Django apps, since wikidbase requires Django versions earlier than 1.0.

    •  18 Jun 2008 20:24

    Release Notes: The relationship interface has been improved. A wikidbase-admin helper script has been created. Field manipulation (e.g. for textareas, drop-downs, etc.) has been improved. A control panel for admins has been added. User support has been added with users, roles, and permissions. The calendar view has been improved. The query engine has been rewritten to support more complex logic. A modular framework has been added so that wikidbase can be easily extended.

    Release Notes: Minor optimizations have been made and work begun on calendar-view enhancement and user authorization. The database model has been updated for future optimization. Some screencasts are available.

    Release Notes: It is now possible to view wikidpages in a calendar. Though basic at the moment, the goal is to create Google Calendar-like functionality, allowing wikidbase to become a generic shared calendar system in addition to being a knowledge base and database.

    Release Notes: You can now upload and attach files to any wikidpages in the wikidbase.

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    19 Jun 2010 10:06 Avatar gamesbook Thumbs up

    The demo site seems to be not working?

    19 Jun 2010 10:05 Avatar gamesbook Thumbs up

    Any idea when you will upgrade to Django 1.2?


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