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Release Notes: The groups tab in the OSS version is commented. The ability to add a second token after the first was added. SSL is forced for end-user self-registration based on AD credentials. Minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Support for offline challenge-response mode was fixed.

Release Notes: This release expands the wAuth API to allow users to be added to a Group during self-registration. Each WiKID Group can be associated with different generic or Vendor-specific radius return attributes. This functionality is useful for service providers who support multiple organizations on a single VPN concentrator, for example.

Release Notes: This release fixes the offline challenge-response for out-of-coverage wireless tokens.

Release Notes: You can now add a second token via your AD credentials.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the SAML Single Sign-On Service for Google Apps.


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A configuration tool for managing Linux kernel packet filtering rules of the nf_tables packet filter.


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A Web-based administration tool for servers that host Subversion repositories.