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  •  07 Jan 2009 17:35

Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with the compiled .exe that caused it to want to install in tmp.

Release Notes: This token client works with the locked domains. The token client is associated with the PC through its CPU or MAC address. During token registration and passcode requests, the locked token requires the use of a virtual keypad presented in the dialog. This protects against keystroke loggers. On a 3.1 server, you can now check the box to "Require Locked Tokens" for the domain.

Release Notes: The code was updated for the latest JRE. Proxy support was improved by fixing a problem that Windows tokens had with certain proxies (such as squid). Support was added for authentication in proxies (see the username and password boxes under Set Preferences).

Release Notes: A problem when upgrading from an earlier, pre-proxy version was fixed: the WiKIDToken.wkd files were not imported properly.

Release Notes: Spaces in file paths are now correctly handled for the file.

Release Notes: Proxy support has been added. It only works with 3.x servers. Vista support has been improved. Passcode lifetime is updated immediately on token. Support has been added for DNS configuration files. Support has been added for access both inside and outside the firewall. Domain name conflicts have been fixed. A domain can be deleted without restarting the client.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Italian and Portuguese.

  •  24 May 2007 05:58

Release Notes: This version fixes a potentially confusing UI flaw. Also, the previous release was mistakenly compiled with Java 6.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Korean. Clarification: the last release announcement claimed support for "Belgian". It was kindly pointed out that even the Belgians do not support Belgian. Until they do, fr_NL or nl_BE are recommended.

Release Notes: Support for Turkish was added to the two-factor authentication token client. Current language support in jWiKID-3.0.7.jar includes French, Belgian, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Chinese.


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