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Release Notes: This release fixes the offline challenge-response for out-of-coverage wireless tokens.

Release Notes: You can now add a second token via your AD credentials.

Release Notes: Additional functionality for /wikid/ADRegsiter.jsp. Users can now register more than one software token after logging in with their Active Directory credentials.

Release Notes: Very minor UI changes were made.

Release Notes: Tomcat was updated to version 5.5.28 to address minor security issues.

Release Notes: This release updates Tomcat to 5.5.28, a security update.

Release Notes: This release includes RPM packaging for the WiKID Strong Authentication Token Client for the first time. Minor code clean-up was done.

Release Notes: A bug that caused 404 errors due to a missing library was fixed. It was a result of some code for the WiKID openid server making its way into the community release. This created a dependency on a Jar file that wasn't in the build. The code has been removed.

Release Notes: On the registration page for AD registration, new users add themselves based on AD credentials. A tempregcodes table creation error has been fixed. Factory reset for log settings has been fixed.

Release Notes: Support was added for vendor-specific radius attributes (Microsoft, Ascend, and Cisco). Built-in scripts were added for user self-service token registration based on AD credentials. Minor bugfixes were made to get factory log resets working again.


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A GUI application for programming Logitech Harmony remote controls.