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10 Jul 2009 13:59 Avatar nowen Thumbs up

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04 Jun 2009 15:11 Avatar nowen Thumbs up

Latest two-factor tutorial:
Add two-factor authentication to Google Apps using WiKID.

25 Mar 2009 13:23 Avatar nowen Thumbs up

Like the new FM design. Cleaning up the links, etc.

04 Apr 2008 10:00 Avatar nowen Thumbs up

Using WiKID two-factor authentication with Google Apps

We have recently published a tutorial on how to add two-factor authentication to Google Apps for your Domain (Premier edition) using WiKID and another open source project callend GHeimdall.


05 Feb 2008 13:28 Avatar nowen Thumbs up

New installation tutorial published

We have published completely new installation documentation on


01 Nov 2007 07:18 Avatar nowen Thumbs up

Autostart - directory should be /etc/WiKID/
Please note: There is an error in the change notes. The autostart feature can be enabled by creating /etc/WiKID/security and entering "WAUTH_PASSPHRASE=passphrase" on the first line.

The change notes erroneously referenced /opt/WiKID.


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