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Version build-11 of Widelands


Release Notes: A player will now only see the map where he has worker presence. When abandoning an area, he will only know what it looked like, but not be informed about changes thereafter. Player commands are now saved while playing. Loading a state and the command sequence makes it possible to watch the game being replayed. This release adds animal animations (deer, fox, and wild boar), falling tree animations, autosave, loading progress indicator, sound volume sliders, and new maps. The set of campaigns is now defined in a config file, not C++ source. Some infamous bugs were fixed, and the code has been cleaned up further.

Other releases

  •  27 Apr 2012 19:26

Release Notes: This release adds basic sea-faring functionality, improvements to the editor, multiplayer scenarios, support for dismantling buildings, support for adjusting the number of wares in a building, new in-game help for many buildings, improved in-game statistics, an improved rendering engine, and new maps, sounds, music, graphics, and animations.

  •  20 Jun 2011 02:02

    Release Notes: This release adds a new scripting engine that allows for complex scenarios, a new watch-me-do tutorial and a new scenario for the Atlanteans, win conditions for multiplayer games that add variety, OpenGL renderer, improvements to the user interface in many places, improvements to the user interface in many places, team support in multiplayer, shared kingdom for multiplayer, new maps, new sounds, and many new graphics and animations.

    •  21 May 2010 19:05

      Release Notes: This release adds new gameplay features: second carriers (donkeys, oxen, and horses) are added on busy roads. Scouts can reveal a big area around their house. A new scenario part has been added. Random maps will now contain resources, immovables, and critters. The mini map can now be zoomed. The messaging system has been improved. Statistics will now show the reason why a building is not producing anything.

      •  30 Oct 2009 21:52

        Release Notes: Game logic: this release adds an interface to set target quantities for ware types in an economy, as well as different configurable player initializations. It has better scenario creation features. The game setup UI: has a multiplayer lobby with chat, and menus scale to different resolutions. All trees have natural lifecycles (seeding, death). There are new sound effects, music, graphics, maps, and a tutorial scenario. The computer player has been improved. Many serious bugs and some usability issues have been fixed. Spectators may look at building and economy configuration. Game chat has been improved with timestamps and personal messages.

        •  26 Nov 2008 13:58

        Release Notes: Demand checks for production were added, so a site will not deplete the supply of a ware type to fill warehouses with another ware type, which easily caused deadlocks. Saved games can be loaded in multiplayer games. The framerate was limited to reduce CPU usage. A /me-command was added in multiplayer chat. Graphics were added for all Atlantean buildings. Maps, songs, and sound effects were added. The syntax of some game data formats and tribe economies was cleaned up. Many bugs were fixed. Many parts of the UI were improved.


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