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Whyteboard allows you to annotate PDF and PostScript documents and various image formats. You can draw with common tools such as a pen, rectangle, ellipse, text tool, etc. You can draw shapes, which can be moved, resized, recoloured, etc. Your drawing history is stored, allowing you to replay it. Tabbed painting is supported, with each sheet having its own unlimited undo and redo operations. There are live-updating thumbnails for each sheet. Sheets that are closed can also be undone, restoring their data. Note controls, similar to virtual, editable Post-It Notes. A draggable, live-updating resizable canvas that stretches to whatever size you want.

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Translation help wanted 16 May 2010

Whyteboard is looking for translation contributions, to appeal to a wider audience. It is currently (as of version 0.40, 16 May) 100% translated in...

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  •  18 Sep 2010 12:36

Release Notes: Several bugfixes, a new icon, and various UI and internationalisation fixes. The translations were updated. Seven languages are now almost 100% done.

  •  31 Aug 2010 11:49

Release Notes: UI improvements and miscellaneous usability improvements, fixes for Unicode support, more translations, and over 15 bugfixes.

  •  18 May 2010 04:27

Release Notes: This release fixed a possible crash with deleting shapes, a problem with the Shape Viewer's buttons not being properly disabled on changing sheets, an issue with opening a .wtbd file from a file explorer, and function and other shortcut keys (e.g. F2/F11/Shift+Tab) on Windows. On Windows, the Shape Viewer dialog no longer draws its bitmaps as enabled when they are disabled, and Ctrl+Enter in text input dialogs now acts like an "okay" button press.

  •  16 May 2010 18:30

Release Notes: This release has a highlighter tool, improvements to the selection tool, UI changes, a better shape viewer, a PDF Cache viewer, bugfixes, and miscellaneous changes/improvements.

  •  31 Dec 2009 21:49

Release Notes: A crash with loading fonts saved on Windows into Linux that don't exist there on Linux (and vice-versa) has been fixed. Bitmap selection and pasting images were broken. Pasting the same image multiple times would create multiple copies of the image when saving; this release saves one file and refers all copies to that file. Weird toolbox behavior when changing between text/icons twice or more from the preferences has been fixed. There are a few translation improvements.


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A Java Swing application to test RESTful Web services.


Project Spotlight


Undo any command.