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Who's Paying for This?

Who's Paying for This? is a Python app for payment share calculation. It simplifies the task of figuring out what share of the grocery bills each of roommate is obligated to pay when some items are not used by all roommates. Just launch the script with each person's name as a command line argument and you'll get a GUI. Type in the name of the item on the receipt, the price of the item, check the boxes for the people who are paying for the given item, and click the button to add it to the list. The program keeps a running count, and lists the price paid for individual items.

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  •  18 Aug 2001 04:00

Release Notes: Initial release.

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08 Aug 2001 09:09 beppu

Nice project name :-)
Who's Paying For This? is a very apropos and clever name. It's a question that plagues everyone from time to time.


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