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  •  11 Dec 2013 00:45

Release Notes: This release adds exports to different file formats (e.g. HTML via X3DOM). Many bugs have been fixed. A CurveAnimation extension node has been added.

  •  22 Feb 2011 14:56

Release Notes: A failed conversion to X3DV when saving multiple NurbsSurface nodes was solved. A wrong default for the SuperRevolver.creaseAngle field was fixed. A rendering bug of SuperRevolver node with pieceOfCake field set was fixed. Wrong flip and swap operations of SuperRevolver node were fixed.

Release Notes: Menupoints and node buttons for ClipPlane were added. Viewpoint rotation was fixed in the libC++RWD library. A C port of the libC++RWD library (libCRWD) was added. A crash after exporting to C mesh was fixed. Deprecated KambiNavigationInfo.headBobbing* fields were updated. An error in C/C++/Java export of SFImage data was fixed. PixelTexture rendering to libC/C++RWD library was added.

Release Notes: A crash in the Create -> PROTO menupoint was fixed. A problem in X3DV writing of inputOutput elements of Script or Shader nodes was fixed. Problems in XML/X3D writing of Script nodes and PROTO were fixed. Problems with VrmlCut/VrmlScene nodes were fixed. The texCoord field was added to primitive nodes and MultiGeneratedTextureCoordinate node for version 3.7.0 of the kambi/view3dscene game engine. The internal experimental XML/X3D parser has been completed.

Release Notes: This release fixes a memory handling error in Box creation. It adds mesh/IndexedFaceSet based C/C++/Java export. It adds Stefan Wolf's libC++RWD Library for C++ Rendering of White_dune Data (in development). It fixes a bug in handling the defaultShadowMap kambi extension field.

Release Notes: Support for all X3D(V) ISO/IEC 19775-1:2008/ISO/IEC 19776-2 nodes (but a lot of them are not rendered yet in the 3d preview window). Static export to Sun wonderland 0.5 Java source. Support for Extensions for the cover/covise immersive VRML renderer and the kambi X3D game engine. Italian documentation and (not really complete) menu translation. Icons, menus, and dialogs have been rearranged to support machines with an 800x600 display. AC3Db. ldraw and catt 8 file export. Bugfixes and some usage improvements.


Project Spotlight


A Python IDE.


Project Spotlight


A command line tool to output your database schema and data in diff-able form.