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Release Notes: This release fixes a crash caused by closing one of multiple main windows. It adds the -x3dom commandline argument for exporting to a X3DOM HTML file. It fixes various output formatting errors. It fixes endless loop when branch optimizing IndexedFaceSets (from blender VRML97 output). It fixes a crash in selection of a node in a VrmlCut scripted PROTO. It adds some missing kambi extension nodes to the menu. It simplifies creation of MultiTexture* nodes. It fixes an error in writing ROUTEs in X3D/XML and X3DOM/HTML output.

Release Notes: A problem with source export of TimeSensor driven animations was fixed along with a problem with Viewpoint rendering for OpenGL rendering of C/C++ source export. Text rendering was added to the OpenGL rendering of C/C++ source export. A fluid/fltk OpenGL rendering example was added for C++ source export. X3D 3.2 XML strings are now supported. A "new X3D/XML" menu point was added. A crash when changing NURBS control points via FieldView was fixed. An error in repeated symmetric paste commands was fixed, and a symmetric paste menu point was added to all GUIs. A crash in the save command was fixed. Incorrect conversion to VRML97 was fixed. Mac OS X 10.7 is now supported.

Release Notes: This release adds better alignment of nodes in the route view window after animation creation. It has a completed Wonderland export of ProximitySensor. It has a more general last fallback font, and a bigger default font on OLPC. It adds Wonderland export of CylinderSensor. It adds "better than nothing" Wonderland export of SphereSensor. It fixes a crash in executing the Java source export of the Inline node.

Release Notes: This release adds a "WonderlandImportJava" extension node. It fixes a bug in NurbsSet/NurbsGroup conversion. It fixes a problem with missing checks of wonderland export path. It fixed problem with generating wrong variable names on C/C++/Java export of IndexedFaceSet nodes. It adds a 4kids animation menu to the white_dune main GUI. It adds a "search Interpolator" menupoint.

Release Notes: This release fixes the default ci command to accept filenames with blanks, splits the Preference settings dialog into modelling and rendering settings dialogs, fixes a problem in event distribution of exported Java sources, adds a missing KeySensor.shiftKey eventOut, and adds KeySensor and StringSensor interaction to Open Wonderland export.

Release Notes: A bug regarding a disabled new created animation was fixed. Two NurbsSurface.controlPoint vanish bugs were fixed. The "Delete all animation data" menupoint was added. The "Goto former/next animation value" icons were added. A crash in the "File -> Import" menupoint was fixed. Background and Fog support were added to VrmlCut node. Missing swap of Transform.scale was fixed.

Release Notes: Automatic selection of "set_size" was added in the SuperShape animation dialog in the 4kids GUI. "Paste symmetric" menupoints were added to the 4kids menu. IndexedFaceSet based animation was added to triangulated mesh java export (for IndexedFaceSets with less than 5 vertices for each polygon). Update of Text and Switch node were added to java export. Wrong display of \" in Text.string under Microsoft Windows was fixed. Wrong "wheel" inputdevice settings were fixed.

Release Notes: The missing exit on failed branch fieldpipe was fixed. Script support was added to C/C++/Java source export. The missing field TextureBackground.transparency was fixed. The wrong node class of Viewport node was fixed. Man page documentation was added about ROUTE/Script support of C/C++/Java source export. "ant deploy" was added after exporting to Open Wonderland source export. Handling of NURBS controlpoint was changed. The wrong classtype of GeoCoordinate was fixed. Problems with Catt8 export was fixed. The default for handle epsilon was changed. A full screen icon was added to 4kids GUI. Missing redraw of fieldview window after colorcircle was fixed.

Release Notes: An X11 initialization error in Mac OS X startup script was fixed. Some VRML/X3DV file save confusion was fixed. A problem with multiple Coordinate handle selection was fixed. A crash related to the clipboard was fixed. SuperEllipsoid mesh conversion was changed to a triangulated IndexedFaceSet node. "Go to TimeSensor" was added to the 4kids menu. "Flatten" menupoints were changed to move to/move by factor menupoints. The "4kids" menus were reorganized to fit into 600 pixel height screens.

Release Notes: Menupoints and node buttons for ClipPlane were added. Viewpoint rotation was fixed in the libC++RWD library. A C port of the libC++RWD library (libCRWD) was added. A crash after exporting to C mesh was fixed. Deprecated KambiNavigationInfo.headBobbing* fields were updated. An error in C/C++/Java export of SFImage data was fixed. PixelTexture rendering to libC/C++RWD library was added.


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