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Release Notes: This release adds rendering of PixelTexture, SFImage editing support, and draw(int pass) intended for multi-pass rendering. There is a bugfix for extremely delayed starting of textedit when an animation is running and ChannelView is shown.

Release Notes: This release adds a second question on exit without save in the dune4kids version, adds missing shell parameter dialog to German version, adds text creation and change to dune4kids menu, adds a German example on how to use dune4kids, and adds empty transform creation to the dune4kids menu. The accidental German menu setting of the Debian package packager has been fixed.

Release Notes: A crash caused by a missing node->isInScene() function was fixed. Actions -> Remove was added to the rest of the scene graph branch. A default filename is now set when using File -> Save As/Export. A crash that occurred when creating a new node while editing a text field was fixed. A "-cover" option and four extentions nodes were added for the cover/covise immersive VRML renderer.

Release Notes: The "Actions -> Create in rest of scenegraph branch: -> Normals" menu item was added. A bug concerning unnecessary reading of USEd Inline nodes was fixed.

Release Notes: Improved tests of the autoconf/configure file.

Release Notes: Handles for the "size" field of ProximitySensor were added.

Release Notes: This release adds NurbsCurve-to-SuperExtrusion conversion and SuperExtrusion-to-NurbsCurve conversion, and moves conversions to the menu popup.

Release Notes: A cookbook-style recipe entitled, "Adding a new (scripted) geometry node to white_dune," was added to the developer documentation. Animation for nodes with fields driven by a eventIn (e.g. "spine" of Extrusion) was added. A bugfix was made for false Extrusion rendering when spine is a straight line. Additional marks were added for frequently used events in routeview.

Release Notes: This version implemented green_red, red_blue, and blue_red arguments for the "-anaglyph" command line option.

Release Notes: The ability to iconify and deiconify was added when starting a preview without fork.


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