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  •  23 Jun 2010 22:06

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in wonderland export without the "many classes" export option. It fixes a problem with transparent textures in wonderland export. It fixes incorrect quoting of strings on field pipe. It fixes an incorrect number of floats used with the glMaterialfv() call in the Background node. It fixes a crash in exporting triangulated Java source code. It fixes incorrect handling of walk navigation after clicking to an object.

Release Notes: The "many classes" export option was added to java/wonderland export to fight against the "too much constants" Java compile problem.

Release Notes: This release adds object/URL editor usage for URL-based shader nodes. It fixes a texture path problem when exporting to Wonderland Java source, yet another "code to long" Java exportation problem, a missing conversion from ISO/IEC 14772:2002 to ISO/IEC 14772:1997 when using the -vrml97 commandline option, and a double free problem in Sphere, Cone, and IndexedFaceSet nodes.

Release Notes: Selection of multiple handles via a click on the middle mouse button was added. Handles were added for field "SuperExtrusion.scale". A crash caused by wrong handle selection was fixed. A problem with wrong handle movement of field "SuperExtrusion.a" was fixed.

  •  13 Apr 2010 21:50

Release Notes: This release fixes incorrect TextureCoordinate in the Box and Cone node after triangulation. It fixes incorrect TextureCoordinate in the Cylinder node. It fixes a possible crash in case of incorrect texCoordIndex or TextureCoordinate. It fixes incorrect rendering of textured shapes without a Material node.

Release Notes: Support was added for TextureCoordinate node in triangulation. Crashes in wrong command line parsing were fixed.

  •  22 Mar 2010 23:58

Release Notes: This release fixes an incorrect array access error when converting a mesh-based node to a IndexedFaceSet node. It fixes a problem with insertion into MultiTextureCoordinate and MultiTextureTransform nodes. It fixes problems with insertion into a ParticleSystem node. It fixes a problem with insertion of CADFace node. It fixes a bug in the triangulation code.

Release Notes: This release adds X3D generator support for all X3D ISO/IEC 19775-1:2008 nodes (though a lot of nodes are not completely rendered), changes the interpretation of "something/filename" in URL.cpp from "http://something/filename" to "./something/filename", fixes a missing X3D dependency of textureProperties fields, and fixes a minor problem with the wrong definition of the maximum length of a path.

Release Notes: This release fixes a crash in empty CADFace nodes, incorrect node/classtype matching, a crash when loading a Script node, and a bug when handling URLs as filenames with unusual characters. It adds support for export of ImageTexture to the SUN Wonderland module source.

  •  22 Feb 2010 14:48

Release Notes: A crash caused by missing initialization of the solid field of the SuperExtrusion node was fixed. A minor array read access problem in motif code was fixed. Picking component nodes was added. The X3D components toolbar was split into two parts. A wrong call convention in the MS Windows port resulting in a crash in triangulation gluTess functions was fixed.


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