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  •  20 May 2011 10:38

Release Notes: Node creation by name was added as a menupoint to the 4kids GUI. A problem with missing update when saving a running animation was fixed. A missing update after flip commands was fixed. A missing NurbsSurface animation was fixed. Missing rendering of Fog node was fixed. A crash in setting controlPoint field of NurbsSurface was fixed. An example was added for some "MF" type animations to Java export. Missing direction handling to 4kids ring creation was fixed.

Release Notes: An X11 initialization error in Mac OS X startup script was fixed. Some VRML/X3DV file save confusion was fixed. A problem with multiple Coordinate handle selection was fixed. A crash related to the clipboard was fixed. SuperEllipsoid mesh conversion was changed to a triangulated IndexedFaceSet node. "Go to TimeSensor" was added to the 4kids menu. "Flatten" menupoints were changed to move to/move by factor menupoints. The "4kids" menus were reorganized to fit into 600 pixel height screens.

Release Notes: This release changes NurbsSurface conversion to a triangulated IndexedFaceSet node. It fixes an error when saving multiple input device settings. It fixes a crash when displaying Rectangle2D node. It adds a missing Rectangle2D node to menu/icons. It fixes an error in ElevationGrid rendering. It fixes a crash when parsing a PROTO with an invalid type name. It fixes a crash when converting a superformula based node to NurbsSurface node. It adds a translation of the menus to French.

  •  22 Feb 2011 14:56

Release Notes: A failed conversion to X3DV when saving multiple NurbsSurface nodes was solved. A wrong default for the SuperRevolver.creaseAngle field was fixed. A rendering bug of SuperRevolver node with pieceOfCake field set was fixed. Wrong flip and swap operations of SuperRevolver node were fixed.

Release Notes: A crash in the Create -> PROTO menupoint was fixed. A problem in X3DV writing of inputOutput elements of Script or Shader nodes was fixed. Problems in XML/X3D writing of Script nodes and PROTO were fixed. Problems with VrmlCut/VrmlScene nodes were fixed. The texCoord field was added to primitive nodes and MultiGeneratedTextureCoordinate node for version 3.7.0 of the kambi/view3dscene game engine. The internal experimental XML/X3D parser has been completed.

Release Notes: This release fixes a memory handling error in Box creation. It adds mesh/IndexedFaceSet based C/C++/Java export. It adds Stefan Wolf's libC++RWD Library for C++ Rendering of White_dune Data (in development). It fixes a bug in handling the defaultShadowMap kambi extension field.

Release Notes: Support for all X3D(V) ISO/IEC 19775-1:2008/ISO/IEC 19776-2 nodes (but a lot of them are not rendered yet in the 3d preview window). Static export to Sun wonderland 0.5 Java source. Support for Extensions for the cover/covise immersive VRML renderer and the kambi X3D game engine. Italian documentation and (not really complete) menu translation. Icons, menus, and dialogs have been rearranged to support machines with an 800x600 display. AC3Db. ldraw and catt 8 file export. Bugfixes and some usage improvements.

  •  11 Oct 2010 23:14

Release Notes: This release fixes missing Wonderland export of PROTO content, a self-test crash, an incorrect component for the NurbsTrimmedSurface node, a crash in C/C++/Java export of a simple cyclic scenegraph, a bug in writing XML/X3D files from the main window, a parsing problem in some Geo nodes, incorrect mass generation of functions in Java source export, incorrect behaviour of transform handles, incorrect display in the scenegraph tree after copy/paste, and a crash when using file->textedit after copy/paste. It changes the default SuperShape.creaseAngle.

  •  14 Sep 2010 13:03

Release Notes: Missing load of EXTERNPROTOs (currently only from files) was fixed. Missing x symmetry modelling of NurbSet node was fixed. A crash in handling of PROTO nodes was fixed.

Release Notes: This release changes all NURBS creation dialogs to ask the number of control points instead of asking for the size of the of object. It changes the options dialogs to fit into 600 pixel high screens. It rearranges X3D items in the "create" menu, fixes a crash in the triangulation code, adds experimental rendering for the NurbsSweptSurface node, fixes missing conversion of animation of NURBS/Supershape based shapes on pure VRML97 export to IndexedFaceSet based morphing, and fixes missing drawing of lines of CoordinateInterpolator data in the channelview window.


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