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Release Notes: This release has a bugfix regarding a typing error resulting in failed x symetric modeling for some shapes. A bug in permitted operations with interpolator nodes in the scenegraph has been fixed. A portability issue compiling with gcc 2.7.2 has been fixed

Release Notes: This release fixed problems with the Elevationgrid and changing MF fields in the field view, building meshes after copying shapes, and with permitted operations on NURBS nodes in the scene graph. dune4kids is now built and packaged on some UNIX/Linux versions.

Release Notes: A bug concerning missing update of NURBS shapes after a change of the MF-fields in fieldview was fixed. A bug concerning using a false color when drawing NodeNurbsCurve and NodeIndexedLineSet was fixed.

Release Notes: A crash that occurred when using defaultcolour in NurbsCurve to NurbsSurface conversion was fixed. Support for X-symmetric modelling in NurbsCurve to NurbsSurface conversion via the Y-axis was improved: nurbsCurve is now flattened before conversion, and controlpoints are rotated after conversion.

Release Notes: This release fixes false double writing of ROUTEs in some situations, a crash when deleting eventIn/eventOut from Script nodes, and confusingly mixing 2 dialogs on "File -> Open". There is an error message if a directory is chosen on "File -> Open". It will always open the first level of scenegraph on UPDATE_ALL (this is helpful for beginners).

Release Notes: A missing question about "Save changes to ... ?" on "file -> close/exit" after using "file -> Textedit" has been added.

Release Notes: This version fixes bugs which would possibly destroy inlined javascript nodes and URLs to .class/.js files in script nodes. The non-standard "vrmlscript:" was replaced with "javascript:" in the URLs of script nodes.

Release Notes: This release adds a bugfix for crashing (and losing all information) on mouse drags over a recursive scenegraph structure.

Release Notes: This version includes a bugfix for recursive defined protos, a bugfix for recursive DEF/USE structures, and in the channelview, the angle of SFRotation is now shown in a different color than the x-axis.

Release Notes: An infinite loop when writing scriptnodes with directOutput or mustEvaluate has been fixed. A problem with redraws in the route window (SceneGraphView) (the motif canvas size must be smaller then SHRT_MAX) has been fixed. libsball usage has been fixed.


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