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Version 0.31beta274 of white_dune

Release Notes: Automatic selection of "set_size" was added in the SuperShape animation dialog in the 4kids GUI. "Paste symmetric" menupoints were added to the 4kids menu. IndexedFaceSet based animation was added to triangulated mesh java export (for IndexedFaceSets with less than 5 vertices for each polygon). Update of Text and Switch node were added to java export. Wrong display of \" in Text.string under Microsoft Windows was fixed. Wrong "wheel" inputdevice settings were fixed.

Other releases

  •  11 Dec 2013 00:45

Release Notes: This release adds exports to different file formats (e.g. HTML via X3DOM). Many bugs have been fixed. A CurveAnimation extension node has been added.

  •  01 Dec 2013 19:02

    Release Notes: Adds better requirements for the RPM package on Fedora 19. Replaces a bad default gimp command line with pinta command line.

    •  15 Nov 2013 19:03

      Release Notes: This release turns the heart into red.

      •  27 Oct 2013 22:38

        Release Notes: Fixes scenegraph branch to PROTO.

        Release Notes: This release fixes wrong ElevationGrid.colorPerVertex FALSE rendering and updates the list of special covise DEF-Names in DEF-Dialog. Unfortunately, it is not possible to implement the scripted node NurbsCurveAnimation as a VRML97/X3D PROTO, so "create curve animation" functionality has been moved from the now-deprecated NurbsCurveAnimation node to the new CurveAnimation node. This release adds a backward-compatibility compilation flag to convert the deprecated NurbsCurveAnimation node automatically to the new CurveAnimation node.


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        A foreign function call interface using small assembly kernels.


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        A simple lock manager.