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03 Jan 2008 13:04 mufti22

white_dune security warning
Cause of a buffer overflow and a format string error, all older versions than 0.29beta795 and 0.28pl13 should not be used.<BR/>

This also includes <a href="">dune-0.13</a> (white_dune is a fork of dune-0.13).<BR/>

Unfortunatly, the security problems are located in a errormessage routines, so it is rather simple to build a exploit.

14 Dec 2004 16:11 rsbohn

Top Project on Countdown
Congratulations to White_Dune, top project on this week's vitality countdown. Details at

29 Jan 2004 14:43 df03daer

Keep up the good work!!

I just want to say thank you for this wonderful piece of software! I am looking forward to following releases!


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