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When is an extremely simple personal calendar program, aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic. It can keep track of things you need to do on particular dates. It's a very short and simple program, so you can easily tinker with it yourself. It doesn't depend on any libraries, so it's easy to install. You should be able to install it on any system where Perl is available, even if you don't have privileges for installing libraries. Its file format is a simple text file, which you can edit in your favorite editor.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Mar 2013 19:04

    Release Notes: The German translation has been improved. When a translation for a particular string is not available in the user's language, the program now falls back to English.

    •  24 Oct 2012 13:21

      Release Notes: A Swedish translation has been added.

      •  21 Dec 2011 20:28

        Release Notes: This release adds a mechanism to allow splitting the user's calendar entries up into multiple files if desired.

        •  12 Mar 2011 15:42

          Release Notes: This version adds a complete French translation.

          •  19 Feb 2011 21:47

            Release Notes: This version adds a --noheader option to prevent headers from being printed in the output.

            Recent comments

            16 Aug 2007 16:33 bcrowell

            Re: Feature request....
            Hi Robert --

            Glad you like the software! I originally started design on When by doing exactly what you're talking about, but I decided the complication wasn't worthwhile. BTW, I may not check this freshmeat page very often, so anybody who wants to contact me about When is better off emailing me using the contact info given at .


            21 Mar 2007 02:30 rpmdp

            Feature request....
            First off let me say When is fantastic. I use every day, have scripts that run and email info stored in it and all.

            Is it possible to add a time field for entries? I'd like to use more for appointments with time's. Being able to run when with an option to display say the next X hours instead of just days.

            Thanks very much for a fantastic bit of software!


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