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Wordlist Generator

WG is a word generator with several useful options you can use to filter/reduce the output list of words. It is available in three implementations, one written in Erlang, one in Perl, and one in Ruby.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  22 Aug 2011 10:52

Release Notes: Support for RabbitMQ stomp server was added.

  •  02 Oct 2010 20:41

Release Notes: The first official Erlang port was added. The Perl version is a just a script. The Ruby version is more complicated but more scalable and needs other software to be installed, like a Stomp server. The Erlang release is more like the Perl version, but is faster because it can use all cores or CPUs of your computer system.

  •  09 Feb 2010 22:46

    Release Notes: This release resolves a bug in dump_processed and more comments.

    •  31 Dec 2009 14:59

      Release Notes: Small bugs were fixed. The documentation was improved with some new screenshots.

      •  30 Nov 2009 00:52

        Release Notes: Persistent queues.

        RSS Recent comments

        13 Oct 2012 14:02 rchhcr Thumbs down

        It doesnt generate (dictionary) words! Just
        1 aaaabbbbba
        2 aaaabbbbca
        3 aaaabbbbcb
        4 aaaabbbbcc
        5 aaaabbbbcd
        6 aaaabbbbce
        7 aaaabbbbcf
        8 aaaabbbbcg
        9 aaaabbbbch
        10 aaaabbbbci

        ... (19 095 lines later)

        19106 aaaabbbgfi
        19107 aaaabbbgfj
        19108 aaaabbbgfk
        19109 aaaabbbgfl
        19110 aaaabbbgfm
        19111 aaaabbbgfn
        19112 aaaabbbgfo
        19113 aaaabbbgfp
        19114 aaaabbbgfq
        19115 aaaabbbg


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