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Wfconvert is a firewalling policy compiler which imports and translates rules to and from any supported firewalling language. It provides a very simple and powerful language for describing firewalling rulesets. Wfconvert is part of the WallFire project, whose aim is to create a very general and modular firewalling management application based on Netfilter or any kind of low-level framework.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Mar 2005 20:38

    Release Notes: A stupid bug in wfwizard concerning the inversion of the result of the question "Do you have an Internet access?" has been fixed, and some bugs occurring when there is no Internet access have been fixed. Wfconvert is beginning to be quite usable under Linux to quickly set up a firewall with netfilter/iptables.

    •  10 May 2004 20:07

      Release Notes: Compilation fixes for g++ 3.3 (it did not compile before on Linux). Input module handling has been changed.

      •  30 Apr 2004 17:52

        Release Notes: This release is a major improvement over the previous one. Using wfconvert with the wallfire input module and netfilter output module may work quite well for simple configurations, such as a Linux workstation with a single network card not acting as a router (not forwarding IP traffic). Note that forwarding and NAT will be supported in the near future.

        •  30 Oct 2002 13:17

          Release Notes: The modules were segmented into input modules and output modules. Many improvements were made in the netfilter output module, although it is still not ready for production. Firewall and zone definitions in wallfire's native language were added.

          •  27 Sep 2002 01:36

            Release Notes: This release separates wfnetobjs from the wfconvert source tree. Basically, wfconvert-0.1.5 is wfconvert-0.1.4 without libwfnetobjs (see wfnetobjs-0.1.5) and with a small bugfix.


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