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  •  04 Feb 2009 19:03

Release Notes: There are many big improvements and new features, especially in the apps. Pluggable sidebar modules. Improved auth and user management systems. Improvements to the diridir wiki engine and comments system. sites/ serves as a sample site and documentation. Improvements to Web app framework, cookie, and form post handling. Better looking default CSS and HTML. A new interactive debug shell. A message notification framework. A huge amount of fixes, cleanups, features, and other improvements.

  •  16 Jan 2009 12:37

Release Notes: The new app framework was finished, with many big improvements and optimizations. More pluggable handlers were added, so multiple apps can handle different parts of the page, allowing for things like wiki, comments, and tags. Static files can be served, which makes HTTP server configuration much simpler. Many improvements, optimizations, and code cleanups were made.

  •  02 Jan 2009 21:55

Release Notes: A new blog engine using the newly finished app framework. A rewritten blog(blagh) app: modular, history browsing, much simpler code, and other improvements. A new function to pick 'metadata' out of .md files. Optimized and simplified config loading and menu tree building. Relative paths are allowed in config files. There are many improvements, cleanups, simplifications, and code polishing. The core codebase is down to ~170 lines.

  •  21 Dec 2008 12:13

Release Notes: Many minor improvements and fixes were made, and a new framework for self-contained modular werc-based apps was added. The sites/ directory was made configurable. Further optimizations were made to the sidebar code. Timezones were added in blog posts. A new html_handler was added. Many code reliability and clarity improvements were made.

  •  27 Nov 2008 11:10

Release Notes: Support for Atom feeds and some fixes and minor improvements. dirfilter was updated to hide .html, .txt, and .tpl indexes from menu listings. It is now possible to hide 'by line' in blog posts by setting blogAuthor to ''. A new crop_text helper function was included.

  •  28 Oct 2008 04:35

Release Notes: More major features and improvements for 1.0. A Wiki module (dirdir). Cleanup of /bin/. controller.rc has been renamed werc.rc. Big improvements to the blogging and user auth modules. md_cache.rc has been converted into a generic caching system that can cache any file-associated data. Much faster and cleaner menu implementation. Many bugfixes and improvements.

  •  19 Oct 2008 04:01

Release Notes: Another big push towards 1.0, with major new features and improvements. A new user auth/permissions system. A new Web interface to enter blog posts. A lot of code cleanup and simplification. Documentation updates. Many other minor features. Many bugfixes.

  •  02 Oct 2008 07:52

Release Notes: This is a big refactoring that fixes many bugs and provides major new features. There are also huge improvements in usability and documentation. It moves .inc and .tpl files to lib/ inside site directories and _config files and inc/tpl files to _werc/. All configuration is available via a documented etc/initrc.local. A big refactoring of blog-related code, fixing many bugs. Dynamic generation of sitemap.txt. Experimental blog comment support. Many more bugfixes and improvements.


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