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Webtunnel is a network utility that encapsulates arbitrary data in HTTP and transmits it through a Web server. In that regard, it is similar to httptunnel. However, its server component runs in the context of a Web server as a CGI application (with optional FastCGI support), so it does not need its own port. It supports most things that the Web server supports, such as authentication, HTTP 1.1, HTTPS, and client certificates. It uses simple requests and responses so it works seamlessly through forward and reverse proxies.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  13 May 2009 17:34

    Release Notes: This release adds an option to be able to include HTTP headers in requests.

    •  18 Mar 2009 11:59

      Release Notes: Support for proxy auto-configuration was added. A bug that would cause a keep-alive timeout to stop the tunnel was fixed. A fork handling bug was fixed to support ActivePerl's negative PIDs.

      •  06 Mar 2009 18:28

      Release Notes: This release adds an option to output log messages to a file instead of STDERR. It has improved command line usage and includes a verbose help option.

      •  22 Feb 2009 12:33

      Release Notes: The server now waits for children to fix problems with zombies under FastCGI. User authentication based on HTTP user was added. Access control lists based on user were added. The default debug level was changed to 1. Some command line behavior was changed.

      •  06 Feb 2009 09:01

      Release Notes: Client certificate/key support for SSL was added. Some of the configuration options were documented.


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