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WebScarab is a tool designed for Web security professionals and Web developers. It allows the user to view the traffic between the Web browser and server, and modify it in transit. WebScarab is intended to become the tool of choice for serious Web debugging.


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No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: This release has a Search plugin that allows you to enter Java expressions to identify and display "interesting" conversations.

Release Notes: Two new plugins (Compare and Fuzzer) have been added. It is now possible to step back and forward through conversations in the Conversation windows. There is a new Date column in the summary. The Installer build also has some sample scripts to illustrate use of the Scripted plugin.

Release Notes: This release features automatic intercept of IE proxy settings under Windows, support for Ctrl-W toggling word wrap in Text panels, a new Scripted plugin and other scriptable hooks, a new "Release All" button in the ManualIntercept dialogs, fixes for a NullPointerException, some documentation improvements, and support for case- insensitive regular expressions in ManualIntercept.

  •  26 Dec 2004 18:44

Release Notes: Several significant bugs have been fixed, and some new functionality has been added. The interface is now implemented much better.


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