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  •  13 Sep 2005 05:48

Release Notes: The Robot is now able to discover and inform UPnP routers about its presence and the need to have a NAT port available for its Web server. In most SOHO environments with UPnP enabled routers, manual configuration is not needed. The operator just installs, registers the Robot and the Web site is online effortlessly.

  •  04 Jan 2005 02:44

Release Notes: This version included an easy to use blog tool that makes it possible to just type and publish with just one click. It then shows the Web site address to locate the blog. Older blogs can be edited or deleted, and older blogs are automatically archived. An unlimited number of blogs and blog groups are supported along with offline blogs that are automatically published when you are connected. Readers can choose templates as they can with the rest of the Web site.

  •  27 Sep 2004 00:38

Release Notes: The Robot no longer assumes that the user has read the manual, or knows how to configure its system. Instead, it guides the user by telling them the address of the Web site and instructs them to copy files into the MyWebSite folder when there is nothing to publish. A step-by-step guide is now provided on the user's Web page, showing how to configure the router to bring the Web site online.


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