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  •  30 Nov 2005 17:05

Release Notes: Fixes a possibly remotely exploitable security hole caused by a bug in Perl. Multiple DNS records and cron jobs can now be deleted at once. Apache define variables are automatically detected on Red Hat, SuSE, and Mandrake Linux. The Dovecot module supports version 1.0. The File Manager module can search for files by their content, and preview images. Options have been added to the Sendmail module for controlling the order in which the mail queue is flushed.

  •  22 Oct 2005 07:53

Release Notes: This release adds a module for configuring the Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server. enhances the Custom Commands module to support running commands on multiple Webmin servers at once, adds a CSV import feature to the PostgreSQL module, and enhances the CSV export feature to allow selection of the columns to include. The Sendmail, Postfix, and Qmail modules now all prompt for confirmation before deleting messages from the mail queue. The idle automatic logout time can be configured on a per-user basis in the Webmin Users and Usermin Configuration modules.

  •  23 Sep 2005 05:22

Release Notes: A remote security hole that was open if the "Support full PAM conversations?" option was enabled was fixed. A problem that could cause the loss of the /etc/webmin directory was worked around. Basic support for installing on Windows systems was added. The Backup Configuration Files module can now backup other listed files. The Cron module allows a start and end date to be specified for jobs. Support for SQL queries was added to the Custom Commands module. The MySQL and PostgreSQL modules support deleting multiple databases and tables at once, and searching tables and databases.

  •  21 Jul 2005 23:01

Release Notes: The speed of Webmin configuration reloads was increased. The timeout detection in HTTP requests was improved to prevent DOS attacks. The Unix User Authentication feature was enhanced to allow users and group members to be handled differently. A page to automatically set up RNDC in the BIND module was added. The ability to lock, unlock, and delete multiple users and groups at once in the LDAP and Users and Groups modules was added. Buttons in the MySQL and PostgreSQL modules to drop multiple tables and databases at once were added.

  •  05 Jun 2005 23:05

Release Notes: OS detection at install time was improved so that new versions will be automatically supported. Solaris Zones, RBAC, and Projects modules were added for Solaris 10. Batch creation, multiple slave support, and mass deletion were added to the BIND module. Cluster support was added to the IPfilter and BSD Firewall modules along with NAT support for IPfilter. The Fetchmail module now supports checking of all users' mail by a single scheduled job.

  •  14 Apr 2005 05:45

Release Notes: A nasty bug that could cause configuration file permissions and ownership to be changed when the file is modified was fixed. The Bandwidth Monitoring module was updated to support Shorewall, IPFW, and IPfilter firewalls. The various Cluster modules can now use groups to select which hosts to refresh or synchronize on. Support was added for full PAM conversations where more than a username and password is needed for logins.

  •  26 Mar 2005 05:16

Release Notes: This release an SMF module for Solaris 10, an IPFilter Firewall module, idmapd and Kerberos5 Configuration modules for use with NFS version 4, a button to the Webmin Actions Log module for rolling back configuration files. and improved support for tables in schemas in the PostgreSQL module. All modules now use a new API which prevents file truncation if the system is out of disk space. Samba groups can now be edited in the LDAP module, and IMAP users can have multiple object classes. The Read User Mail module supports VPopMail and Qmail+LDAP as mail systems.

  •  26 Jan 2005 23:12

Release Notes: Password timeouts are now enabled by default to prevent brute-force password guessing attacks. A SMART Drive Status module was added along with support for TARing multiple directories and chaining backups in the Filesystem Backup module. Numerous improvements were made in the LDAP Users and Groups module. Solaris 10 support was improved. Support for sending problem reports using SNMP traps was added to the System and Server Status module. Support for tracing process system calls in real time on Linux and Solaris was added in the Running Processes module.

  •  14 Nov 2004 21:58

Release Notes: A new Bandwidth Monitoring module for generating simple reports on network traffic. A Cluster Copy module for coping files to multiple servers. A Backup Configuration Files module. Improvements to the Linux firewall module, including clustering and configuration resetting. Support for selecting specific MySQL and PostgreSQL tables to back up. Automatic email notification for users approaching their disk quotas. The time zone can now be set in the System Time module. Support for Solaris 10, SuSE 9.2, Mandrake 10.1, FreeBSD 5.3, and several Darwin versions.

  •  08 Sep 2004 20:10

Release Notes: The new Sarg Squid access reporting module was added. All core modules were updated to no longer output <hr> lines at the top and bottom of every page. Support for NFSv4 was added to the Disk and Network Filesystems module. Support for MD5 encryption for Webmin passwords was added, to avoid the 8-character effective password length limit. The BIND module can now create and edit delegation-only zones. A security problem that can occur at installation time if the /tmp/.webmin directory has already been created by a malicious user was fixed. Expired passwords are now detected when using PAM.


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