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Release Notes: Social plugins (for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter). The addition of news and ecommerce sections. 4 minor bugs were fixed and some minor code optimizations were made.

  •  18 Jul 2011 01:33

Release Notes: The menus section has been improved: now you can create secondary menus, dropdown menus, and submenus with n sublevels. Skins have been improved with support for dropdown menus. Now it is possible to pass parameters to an expansion. A field has been added to the panel section that is useful for differentiating access for members or visitors. Now you can insert additional content to the header. Options have been added that allow you to select the printable logo and the user registration form type. Now the superuser can reset the database. Support has been added for the Greek language. 4 other minor bugs were fixed. There is less use of queries and minor code optimizations.

Release Notes: An image upload button was added to the advanced HTML editor. Displaying news queries was optimized, so fewer queries are required now. Table-less layout support was added to the skins. A basic URL rewrite was started for SEO (supported only on the Apache Web server). Eight other minor bugs were fixed and minor code optimizations were done.

Release Notes: New classes were added with a set of APIs that allow simple database management. Integration with the TinyMCE HTML editor was improved. CAPTCHA control was added to the "sign the guestbook" form. Some minor bugs were fixed. Some minor code optimizations were done.

Release Notes: This release adds a new class with a set of APIs that lets you to create and visualize skinnable lists with a page navigator and other features. It adds a new class with a set of APIs that lets you to create, visualize, and validate skinnable forms with some features. It adds some classes that let you create and visualize form fields. Now email messages are shown one page a time in the Webmail section. A feature that sends email to the moderator when a new discussion is posted in a forum has been added. 31 minor bugs were fixed and a lot of code was optimized.

Release Notes: The expansions system was improved, so now you can create administrator or user sides for an expansion and you can create different panels or pages for the same expansion. A feature that allows you to create a sequence of linked pages was added. A feature that allows you to override an original language file was added. The administrator now can delete the comments for the news. It is now possible to duplicate a news item. Some help buttons were added. Other minor bugs were fixed. Minor code optimizations were done.

Release Notes: A CAPTCHA check was added. A function that shows the total database space used was added. A function was added in the forum section that sends a notification email when a user replies in a discussion. A GD extension check was added in the setup. A skin preview image and two new skins were added. A database backup/restore section was added for the superuser. The folder management section was enhanced. The HTML editor was enhanced. Kernel functions were started (which are useful for future AJAX support). Some possible cross-site scripting security bugs were fixed. Minor code optimizations were made. Twenty other minor bugs were fixed.

  •  14 Dec 2009 15:30

Release Notes: A feature that shows the user information was added. A new skin was added (Blueline). Several serious bugs in the ecommerce section were fixed. Some bugs were fixed in the user registration page. A visualization bug was fixed in the "steel" skin. Several serious security bugs were fixed. Six other minor bugs were fixed. Minor code optimizations were done.

Release Notes: New features include a language management section, top rating in downloads, and a move function in media album. A cart expire function was added and the special offers panel for ecommerce was fixed. A feature was added to allow a user to insert items in the directory. A German translation was added. The webmail section was improved, so now you can send email messages with attachments. Basic statistics were improved. The skin system was improved and a new skin was added. You can now create skins that are even more diversified. Bugs were fixed for cases when displaying the news comments, when sending a newsletter in HTML format, and when editing a product that has custom fields. 21 other minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: RSS feeds were added. Printable news is now working properly. The e-commerce section was improved with the addiction of varius functions. The setup now also checks for the correct MySQL version. Banner exchange user code now works. You can now read emails on the Webmail page. An information section was added to the control panel. Expansion pages and panels were fixed. Little enhancements were made to the skins and a new skin was added. Bugs were fixed in the hourly statistics section and chat page. Some visualization problems and 12 minor bugs were also fixed.


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