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Web Mailform

The Web MailForm allows the administrator of a Web site to provide "Contact Us" forms with edit fields, combo boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, and file upload fields. The Administrator can specify which fields are mandatory, what constitutes valid input (using regular expressions), and can specify default data. The layout of the form is highly customizable. Confirmation E-mails are possible.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Nov 2001 23:57

    Release Notes: A fix for specifying an alternate config file, and a new conversion script to help convert your config files to the new format.

    •  28 Oct 2001 17:49

      Release Notes: The HTML generating code and form data parsing have been rewritten to use HTMLObject v2.13. The config file has been updated to be more XML-like. All name=value lines must be in name="value" format now. The rewrite will enable the use of JavaScript, CSS, cookies, and much more in future versions.

      •  02 Aug 2001 21:05

        Release Notes: Radio Buttons now display correctly when align=center is used. They now line up with all the other centered items on the form.

        •  01 Aug 2001 18:40

          Release Notes: The Radio Button and Select form items now properly set the Simple Mail form values when used for the following fields: name, fname, lname, email, subject, or message.

          •  15 Jun 2001 21:15

            Release Notes: The Select box aligns properly in relation to other items on the form, and no extra <br>'s are added to the contents of the textarea fields when the page is resubmitted due to an error condition.


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