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Release Notes: Receiving email preferences and Tech Group email panels now requires explicit confirmation if configuring an email account that already contains messages. Deleting LDAP connections no longer deletes the associated client accounts (shift-clicking the delete button will cause the associated clients to be deleted along with the LDAP connection.) If a new client is discovered during an LDAP sync, the application will include deleted clients when searching for a matching client account. A bug preventing Asset attachment names from being stored has been fixed.

Release Notes: There is a Ticket Type category for ticket and billing reports. The resolved confirmation email link now uses an email reply as long as email tickets are enabled, and otherwise uses the previous method requiring login to the Web application. Billing logo upload now works correctly. An exception is no longer thrown when importing assets. Imported tickets now have their Created By attribute set to the tech performing the import. Random servlet error messages are fixed. Scheduled billing reports will now generate a PDF attachment correctly.

  •  28 Jan 2009 18:37

Release Notes: Billing Logo upload now works correctly. An exception is no longer thrown when importing assets. Imported tickets now have their Created By attribute set to the tech performing the import. A Ticket Type category for ticket and billing reports has been added.

Release Notes: The delayed response page now appears when a response takes a long time to return. This prevents page timeouts when executing heavy tasks, like generating large reports. gzip compression for SSL connections has been added. There is a security fix to prevent XSS attacks when "Helpdesk.woa" in a URL is replaced with encoded JavaScript. gzip compression now works through Apache ProxyPass configurations.

  •  20 Jan 2009 19:07

Release Notes: Several database locking issues that could result in application hangs have been fixed. A bug causing calendar Prev/Next buttons to fail for certain time zones has been fixed.

  •  10 Jan 2009 10:44

Release Notes: This release added caching headers for .css, .gif, and .js pages, which should result in significant performance improvements when the application is accessed from outside the local network. This only affects default installations; WebObjects Monitor installations already supported cache headers. Calendar month and week names are translated to match the user's Business Zone. Clients > Client Admin Roles was added, which can be used to limit the types of requests visible to Client Admins.

Release Notes: This release adds a network_name tag for Custom Tool Links in Preferences-Assets. For installations with MySQL databases, tax rates now allow four digits beyond the decimal point.

Release Notes: First Name, Last Name, and E-Mail columns were added to ticket search results list column selection. Column width was increased for the Location and Department Name fields. Alerts targeting the assigned tech will be sent to techs in the ticket's Tech Group Level if no tech is assigned to the ticket. The character limit for tech and client notes was extended from 4000 characters to 8000 characters for SQL Server databases. A bug causing attachments of Office 2007 documents to download with incorrect MIME types was fixed. An option to prevent WHD from reconfiguring Log4J appenders was added.

Release Notes: This release introduces a Lite Edition. Trial mode now supports real-time toggling between "Lite" and "Pro" editions.

Release Notes: JAMF Casper Suite asset discovery was integrated. A location importer/exporter was added. Custom tool links were added for integrating with other asset tools (e.g., Remote Desktop Web Connection). If using an Oracle database, the application now checks during upgrades for any missing primary-key sequences, creating them if necessary. The ability to select client recipients of scheduled reports was added.


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