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  •  29 Aug 2011 15:20

Release Notes: Comet (AJAX push / reverse AJAX) functionality was added for the GWT client - OfficeFloorComet API. The client functionality is supported on the server side by a simple publish API that encapsulates a highly scalable threading implementation. Applications built will not need to deal with the complexities of Comet, as on the server side is a simple publish API, while on the client side only a consumer POJO implementation is required.

  •  22 Jun 2011 20:44

    Release Notes: Integration with GWT was implemented for servicing RPC (AJAX) calls by POJO methods (no RemoteServiceServlet required). Furthermore, the WoOF Eclipse Plug-in handles the GWT configuration so that only Java code need be written for adding JavaScript and AJAX to your Web applications. The integration also follows WoOF principles in that the integration of GWT is non-intrusive so that WYSIWYG tools such as DreamWeaver can continue to be used for creating and editing the Web page.

    •  17 May 2011 09:45

      Release Notes: This release provides integration with Java Server Pages (JSP) via the following annotations: @HttpRequestStateful, @HttpSessionStateful, and @HttpApplicationStateful. Furthermore, the WoofServletFilter has been enhanced to load Web content from a WAR layout, therefore enabling WoOF to be used without any changes to existing Java Web applications (except, of course, the addition of the WoofServletFilter filter entry within the WEB-INF/web.xml).

      •  05 May 2011 10:05

        Release Notes: Initial announcement.


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