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Webfish Linux

Webfish Linux is aimed at servers, routers, and customised workstations for experienced Linux users. It attempts to get away from the bloat factor of many common distributions, and does not include large amounts of binary packages or a package manager. It is based on a small base set that provides kernel, gcc, Perl, sed, awk, bash, ethernet tools, etc. (basically, all that is required to run a base system and compile software but not any software itself).


Recent releases

  •  21 Apr 2004 17:59

    Release Notes: Appropriate changes have been made for using kernel 2.6.x. Packaging has been tidied up. Webfish workstation has been brought up to date with bleeding-edge multimedia software and KDE 3.2.1. There are many other little bits and pieces. nALFS profiles are now online.

    •  28 Nov 2003 18:33

      Release Notes: This version is built using the new LFS-5 packages as a base. Work has begun on sets of packages to extend functionality. These will be downloadable as binary, or as source with a nALFS XML defintion to build and install them. Installation is currently achieved using the same old method.

      •  25 Mar 2003 14:46

        Release Notes: This release incorporates new packages such as glibc-2.2.5 and gcc-3.2.2.

        •  12 Sep 2002 14:54

          Release Notes: The code for the fishwall.conf format was tidied up. Full support for forward rules was added. Loads of new command line options and quick commands were added. Fishwall can now be given multiple command line arguments.

          •  12 Sep 2002 14:51

            Release Notes: This version is shipped with a new fishwall. The configuration was tidied up. dhcpcd, pppd, which, lynx, ftp, and other programs were added.


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