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Release Notes: FileManager now has the ability to "jail" users to home directories, and has support for DOM-based (NS6) browsers. There is also the ability to save preferences across updates, and some minor formatting changes. A configurable maximum file size upload parameter was added, and most browser-caching problems were fixed.

Release Notes: The system password support has been updated and fixed. This release uses either the FileManager handled password files or the system files. It also supports MD5 encryption. There are 11 additional file icons, and support for additional operating systems. The stability of fm_miniserv has been enhanced.

Release Notes: New features include the display of uptime and memory usage for the root user, non-standard CGI support for file uploads, the ability to change the icon file types via the admin settings, elimination of reliance on, replacement of client-side with server-side cookies, and linked files/directories now display the target file/directory as well. Logout/upload errors affecting some browsers have been fixed, non-standard usernames and passwd file locations are now handled better, the menu button bar is now shown in the Editor header, and "unaccessible file" server exceptions are now trapped and reported.

Release Notes: A fix for a bug in the "QuickDir" section that affected some browsers, OS detection support for 30 more systems, a new ability to display ".readme" files automatically when entering a directory, and updated documentation.


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