Version 0.3.7 of WebDAV CGI

Release Notes: Some minor and major bugs were fixed. CalDAV support was added (compatible with Evolution groupware suite, Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning, iCal, and iPhone). ACL support was added. Perfomance was improved.

    Other releases

    •  07 Aug 2013 09:41

      Release Notes: The Web interface has been improved with customizable table columns, a context menu, and a head toggle. A lot of Web interface bugs and some minor wrapper bugs have been fixed.

      •  21 May 2013 13:20

        Release Notes: A Simple view was added, providing a fast and more convenient Web interface. It includes drag and drop support and AJAX-driven file/folder actions. Some bugs in the AFS and SMB backend were also fixed.

        •  18 Mar 2013 20:03

          Release Notes: Speedy support for the AFS backend was added. Two new wrapper scripts were added for a mod_auth_kerberos free SMB/AFS backend authentication. A lot of bugs were fixed.

          •  06 Jun 2012 21:46

            Release Notes: Some major Speedy related SMB/CIFS backend bugs were fixed. A revision limit option was added to the RCS backend. A zip file upload bug was fixed.

            •  23 Feb 2012 22:02

              Release Notes: Some major Speedy bugs were fixed. An Italian translation and the RCS backend were added.


              Project Spotlight


              A program that backs up and restores data.


              Project Spotlight

              TurnKey MoinMoin Appliance

              A MoinMoin appliance that is easy to use and lightweight.