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Release Notes: This release adds a separate color element for single quoted strings and background picture information to the Scs2 format. Pre2 breaks the Pre1 format, but molds a more solid and expandable file format for Scs2. The data in the Scs2 files no longer needs to be in any specific order.

Release Notes: The syntax color scheme engine was reimplemented and a new XML file format was employed. The original SCS formatted files can still be loaded. Scs2 is now able to highlight different colors for character symbols, types, commands, keywords, floating point numbers, and integers.

Release Notes: The entire string engine was re-written for speed, size, and stability. It can now also highlight multi-line strings. It is, however, less forgiving with typos. Number highlighting now uses number grouping for speed and for generating slightly smaller output files.

Release Notes: This release adds an alternative colour scheme system that uses stylesheets (CSS) while also keeping compatibility with webcpp's native SCS format. A Perl tool that converts SCS files to CSS has also been added.

Release Notes: Syntax highlighting support for markup languages like HTML, XML, and PHP, and the default colour scheme has been changed for a "lighter" look.

  •  21 Sep 2001 15:00

Release Notes: Fixes for file checking issues when I/O is redirected with --pipe, finding the help file (Unix), removal of some unneccessary code, a new executable installer for Unix, and a new section in the webcpp Web site which skins HTML pages using webcpp schemes and CGI.

Release Notes: The --pipe switch was added in place of a filename to use STDIN or STDOUT rather than a file. This I/O redirection can be used for piping to and from other utilities. The ability to force the filetype was added with the -t=(extension) switch. The main I/O and main() routine have been revamped.


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