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  •  25 Mar 2008 12:20

Release Notes: This release fixes the new upgrade system to consume less bandwidth by not accidentally calling the old apt-get upgrade functionality.

  •  11 Mar 2008 07:09

Release Notes: A new, leaner, smarter upgrade system with rsync was implemented.

  •  07 Mar 2008 00:19

Release Notes: This version is based on the newer "lenny" release of Debian, which means a giant leap in terms of hardware support.

  •  18 Nov 2007 16:17

Release Notes: The extension has been tweaked to allow easier closing of the browsing session. http_proxy= support has been added.

  •  16 Oct 2007 13:09

Release Notes: Grub is now the default boot loader on ISO CD images. Now all you need to do is edit (e) grub's menu list to insert your desired homepage.

  •  06 Aug 2007 10:48

Release Notes: The latest security updates to Iceweasel (Firefox) rebuild have been applied. Previous versions of Webconverger will upgrade nonetheless with somewhat delayed startups.

  •  19 Jul 2007 14:41

Release Notes: A new splash screen. Printing support and locales are all on one image.

  •  26 Jun 2007 07:07

Release Notes: Webconverger now has integrated spelling support.

  •  31 May 2007 13:35

Release Notes: Various improvements to the Webconverger extension on the browser. The FullerScreen extension is also included by default to make Webconverger a useful tool for showing slides or use as a display sign. New i18n Chinese and Spanish versions were also added.

  •  24 May 2007 22:29

Release Notes: This release is available in Korean, French, and German.


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