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  •  15 Nov 2013 19:04

Release Notes: This is largely a stable update featuring Firefox 25 and Flash updates. The new features are an extension which allows touchscreen users to drag the page and Emoji font support.

  •  18 Jun 2013 20:47

Release Notes: Firefox has been locked down and updated to version 21. The whole underlying base has been upgraded to Progress Linux 2.0. This release reduces the installation image by 60M to 355M.

  •  12 Apr 2013 22:44

Release Notes: Printing support has been completely overhauled. The new printing API allows you to specify a driver URL to set up your printer. This release also restores nvidia support and updates the browser to Firefox 20.

  •  07 Feb 2013 14:15

Release Notes: A new installer feature gives you the choice to partition and install to a USB stick and use it as a read/write store, and upgrade from 'Squeeze' to 'Wheezy'.

  •  12 Dec 2012 20:39

Release Notes: This major release features the newly-opensourced Neon theme, used in Web signage applications around the world. The browser has been updated, and there are several bugfixes. "Install" users will be seamlessly upgraded using git-fs.

  •  05 Nov 2012 23:35

    Release Notes: A new API for simple white and black listing has been introduced. The browser has been updated to Firefox 16.0.2. The font rendering looks a lot prettier, and the browser boots up much quicker now.

    •  09 Oct 2012 19:35

      Release Notes: Webconverger now has the ability to upgrade itself from a github repository using inhouse-developed Open Source software. This release restores printing and support for old PCs with a 486 kernel. With this release, you could set up a reliable Web access point in your home with an old computer.

      Release Notes: Featuring a 686 kernel instead of 486, which should show better performance on multi-core hardware. Updated nVidia 302.17 support via bumblebee and VirtualGL for easing deployment on VGA/LVDS ports. Includes the latest Mozilla Firefox 14.0.1, using the official distribution. Contains a critical Adobe Flash update. Now has an option not to delete everything between sessions for people looking for an alternative to Google's Chrome OS.

      Release Notes: Nvidia drivers 295.53 have been integrated to offer an accelerated graphics experience. Security has been enhanced to add noexec to temporary storage. Duckduckgo is now the default search engine. Flash has been updated to New APIs dns= to override DNS and cron= to set timed shutdowns.

      •  07 Apr 2012 12:34

      Release Notes: This release introduces a beta-quality installer option which will replace the contents of a hard drive with Webconverger. Installation offers an efficient way of turning many machines into kiosks without the need to image a USB stick for each of them.


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