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WebCert is a Web application to generate and manage digital certificates in cases where no "full" CA is needed. It is very handy for those who need a cert quickly and don't have the hang of the OpenSSL command line. It is very easy to deploy and to use.


Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2013 02:50

    Release Notes: WebCert is now UTF-8 clean and can handle international characters. Certificates in Japanese are now looking great. Specific start and end dates allow the creation of certs with a lifetime of minutes, or certs with future dates. SubjectAltName extensions expanded from two to four. Display functions were overhauled: text and PEM format is shown on a single page. Validation of remote servers can now display the remotely received certificate chains, i.e. the intermediate and root certificates. HTML code validates as "XHTML v1.0 transitional".

    •  08 Oct 2012 14:32

      Release Notes: The new certificate validation function "certvalidate.cgi" allows the analysis of the signing certificate chain, both for a local certificate or for a remote server. The implementation of SubjectAltNames now allows the creation of multi-purpose certificates. The obsolete "Netscape Comment" extension for server certificates has been removed. Submitted certificate requests are now signed including their requested extensions. Since version 1.7.4, WebCert's version control has moved to Github.

      •  10 Nov 2010 02:44

        Release Notes: The implementation of the "Extended Key Usage" attribute now allows the creation of certificates that require this extension. The following extended key usage types have been implemented through a new setting in the certificate verification screens: serverAuth, clientAuth, codeSigning, emailProtection, timeStamping, and ocspSigning.

        •  20 Mar 2008 08:43

          Release Notes: An issue where the nasty P12 export function still created a zero byte P12 file when no private key was pasted at all was fixed. There is now an extra comment on the Web request form that the private key file is really needed for PKCS12 export.

          •  20 Dec 2007 15:01

            Release Notes: The P12 export function failed when a private key was pasted with multiple trailing empty lines, creating a empty zero byte p12 file. A link for a S/MIME certificate creation how-to was added to help.


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