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  •  26 May 2013 22:58

Release Notes: This release adds a download cache mechanism, vastly improved icon display and caching performance, improved commercialisation features (including a site logo feature and sign-up pages), a saved search editing application, collection management tools, and API features for icon and content links.

  •  25 Apr 2012 21:40

Release Notes: Includes major set relationship features allowing linking of video and photo sets, provision of multiple resolutions of the same sets, and multi-part video sets. Attribute mark-up is now dynamic and fully configurable (no longer requires code changes to add/alter attributes). Features many new API calls, new icons and attributes, and improved layouts and information in all major apps.

  •  28 Dec 2008 06:53

Release Notes: New clothing type (attire) search and marking features were added. A vast number of bugs were fixed across the whole system. Page layouts and other facilities were improved. A movie viewing command, runmp, was added. New icons and API functions were added.

  •  29 Aug 2008 17:47

Release Notes: This version supports the WACS 0.8.1 release; there are many new API calls including dberror, addratings, and makedbsafe. Support for new parameters to many existing API calls. Significantly improved and expanded documentation in the form of the WACS programming manual, second edition. Availability of RPM packages for Fedora 8 and 9 to ease installation.

  •  24 Aug 2008 13:41

Release Notes: Visually the big difference is that the set ratings are more prominently displayed throughout the system. Collection administration has two new applications: wacsinfomgr, which allows relocation and renaming, and wacskeywordmgr which provides access to the metadata guessing mechanism. In addition to unpacking automated downloads, the unpack manager now supports Web browser uploads and server directory imports. For Fedora users (8 and 9), there is now the option of RPM package installation as well as the old install script.

  •  07 Jul 2008 20:30

Release Notes: The new XML-based configurable menus subsystem from WACS 0.8.0 has been completely ported to PHP, along with a significant number of other features previously not available in the PHP API. An extensive, new 104-page illustrated Programming Guide replaces the older documentation with a beginners tutorial, API reference manual, and Database Schema Dictionary. It is available in PDF and two HTML versions.

  •  13 Jun 2008 09:10

Release Notes: This is a beta release. The user experience was massively improved with much speedier browsing, better menus, and new search options. A 63-page User Guide book with over 70 illustrations was added. WACS site managers will notice huge changes with XML-based configurable menus, significant enhancements to the collection management tools, and a much more flexible structure.

  •  25 Feb 2008 10:35

Release Notes: In addition to matching the core 0.7.4 release, this version includes a more "real world" example application (newsets.php) using the WacsUI module to illustrate how wacs-php can provide highly functional Web site pages very quickly. It also includes bugfixes and documentation improvements.

  •  22 Feb 2008 05:11

Release Notes: The search system has seen a lot of attention. The ability to search models by photographer worked with and by nationality was added. A big revamp was done to how results are displayed. The download and unpacking system has been upgraded to properly handle video clips, to make it easier to search and update. The download system has also had a big revamp and now gets its priorities right. Wacky new junkyard programs were added: one to download selected models' complete collections to your laptop and another to create degrees of separation charts for the lesbian liaisons.

  •  24 Dec 2007 23:43

Release Notes: This release includes a complete implementation of the new Wacs User Interface toolkit, wacsui - the first time the PHP variant has offered the presentation utility functions available in the Perl API. In addition to this, several more of the significant configuration query functions from the Core API are now implemented: getvaluename and geticonlist in particular. This release is compatible with Wacs release 0.7.3, released earlier this month.


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Usable configuration management.