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Release Notes: Support for the Palm 5-way navigator (i.e. d-pad buttons) was fixed. Keys may now be remapped to perform user specified actions while reading. There is also a new "Most Recently Read" list maintained by Weasel Reader to help frequent users keep tabs on what they are currently reading.

Release Notes: This release has significant feature enhancements and bugfixes. There is now full support for Palm OS 5.x and resizable displays. The display code has been entirely rewritten and no longer puts all devices into black and white mode. The document index now features a directory browser to make finding documents easier. The screen rotation code now features an "armlet" to run at full speed on newer ARM processor devices.

Release Notes: This version fixes a couple of end-of-document crashes. Weasel can now read all PalmDoc files without trouble, and hyphenation support for English text has been added. There is also a new Russian translation in koi8 and cp1251 encodings. The DocInfo list code has been rewritten which should solve a number of problems and remove the document limit.

Release Notes: This release adds German and Spanish translations, support for hi-res mode on Handera and Sony devices, a major startup speed increase and VFS speed increases, VFS configurability through a dialog, the ability to categorize only the docs in the current category, a rename doc function, an autoscroll pause/resume button, and selection of docs in an index by writing titles. It fixes an empty annotation export crash, autoscroll skipping lines at start, and VFS and PalmDoc problems.

Release Notes: A Hungarian translation, PalmDoc decompression enhancements, a progress bar that shows the current position and the position of bookmarks, fullscreen toggle by tapping the Graffiti area, and a redesigned status bar (including a time display) were added. Character descenders no longer cut off when using smaller line spacing. VFS bugfixes bugfixes/workarounds for the handling of broken PalmDoc files were added. Screen rotation no longer requires fullscreen mode to be enabled.

Release Notes: Weasel now reads the DOC format and supports DOC bookmarks. Documents can now be categorized. Full VFS support has been added. Scroll options have been enhanced and are now more flexible. Display options such as custom fonts, a new autoscroll mode, and adjustable line-spacing were added. Saving locations and per-document preferences no longer modify the document database. Jmakeztxt-related crashes were fixed. Correct free-space checking was added. A name change was implemented as decreed by the Palm Inc. lawyers.


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