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Release Notes: Several regressions were fixed (EXIF is now correctly stripped from the thumbnails/previews, image ordering with mixed images with/without EXIF was restored, errors with files without extensions were fixed). Images with built-in profiles are now converted to sRGB by default. A customizable "back" link can be supplied on the command line. The payload size of the gallery was reduced.

Release Notes: A new flag (`-r`) has been added to reverse the album order. Two crashes with read-only images and directories containing spaces have been fixed. Image time-soritng has also been fixed.

Release Notes: Manual copying of the template directory is no longer required; it's now done automatically when needed. The size of the thumbnails for rotated JPGs was fixed. The encoding of the album name was fixed.

Release Notes: The browser's "back" button behavior was improved. A bug affecting the proportion of the thumbnail images with some input image ratios was fixed. Compatibility with older browsers was improved. Several speed improvements were made during album generation for multi-core processors.

  •  30 Nov 2013 18:38

Release Notes: This release focuses on mobile browsers support, improving loading speed of large galleries over slow connections, and automatic thumbnail scaling on small screens, and adds swiping support.

  •  23 Oct 2013 03:44

Release Notes: Automatic face detection is now supported, which greatly improves thumbnails for portraits and panoramas. The gallery degrades more gracefully on IE<10. The generation speed has been improved, along with handling of UTF-8 and special file names. Clicking on the main image now shows the full image directly (if present). The gallery now adapts to the current screen size automatically, switching from/to horizontal and vertical layout. JPEG/PNG optimization is now supported as an optional post-processing step.

  •  23 Sep 2013 00:24

    Release Notes: This is the first stable release.


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