Version 5.2 of WaveMaker

Release Notes: This release includes one-click cloud deployment to EC2, RightScale integration, a drag and drop cloud resource manager, built-in HSQLDB, Dojo 1.3.2 support, charting widgets, REST post operations, and JOSSO support.

    Other releases

    •  25 Jun 2012 21:48

    Release Notes: This release addresses a serious security issue for security enabled projects. Upgrading is highly recommended for all security enabled projects.

    •  22 Mar 2012 14:27

    Release Notes: This is a patch release to WM 6.4.4. No project upgrade is required from WM 6.4.4.

    •  20 Dec 2011 03:17

    Release Notes: This release added direct deployment to Cloud Foundry, the ability to bind any component on any page, JavaScript access to all pages, securing of services by roles, the addition of an isDirty property, improved helpText popups, multiple event support, on session expiration event handling, and improved printing, versioning, and debugging.

    •  22 Sep 2011 02:35

    Release Notes: This release corrects an issue in displaying the dependencies license agreement in the configuration tool. This is the app you run after install to install hibernate, ace editor, etc. as those components cannot be bundled into the download due to licensing constraints. GitHub added a prevent iframe header that prevented the file contents from displaying correctly. That is the only change from 6.3.2. If you've already installed 6.3.2, there is no need to upgrade to 6.3.3.

    Release Notes: This is the full Enterprise Edition, released under the Apache license. Other improvements include new widgets like popup menus, draggable trees and date time, a localization framework, a new JavaScript editor with auto-complete and debugging support, new functions, new events, and new properties, and a host of others.


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