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  •  20 Jan 2008 05:24

Release Notes: This version features several enhancements on the graphics engine such as additional renderer features (bumpmapping, specularmapping, shadowmapping), increased performance, and automatic outlines; a "WarsowTV" system which lets a lot of spectators watch a game without putting heavy work on the server which hosts the match itself; several new maps; a new player and a new weapon model; gameplay tweaks; new iTDM and duel arena gametypes; several other tweaks as on bots and the in-game movement.

  •  15 May 2007 23:51

Release Notes: The Clan Arena (CA) gametype was added. New maps were added. Certain maps were revisited. New weapon and armor models, new weapon effects, new animations for player models and weapons, a new player model, and new simple items were added. A Coach system was added for teambased gametypes. The armor system was revised. The weapon settings were tweaked.

  •  14 Sep 2006 14:01

Release Notes: This release has a built-in IRC client, anti-lag/lag compensation, OpenAL audio support, server-side demos, and a pure system. New maps were added and others were updated, some new item models were placed in, and character animations were re-built from scratch.


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A basic file management library for Rodent applications.


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A library for sorting and scanning on top of the OpenCL C++ API.