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Version 2009-10-30 of Wandora

Release Notes: Wandora's embedded HTTP server feature has now several parallel output modules. The Web service feature works now with Apache Axis2. The new topic map type "Shared Web service topic map" enables a kind of peer-to-peer topic mapping. A new GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) extractor converts GEDCOM files to the topic maps format. A new DBpedia extractor reads RDF feeds from DBpedia and converts them to a topic map format. A new Alchemy Entity Extractor takes a text fragment, extracts named entities, and converts them to topics and associations.

Other releases

  •  15 Apr 2014 12:52

Release Notes: This version features TMQL (Topic Map Query Language) support and an embedded HTML browser based on JavaFX's WebView. Services of Wandora's embedded server have been refactored to work better on Wandora's embedded browser. A new modules framework can be used to deploy Wandora and topic map applications in Apache Tomcat. Wandora's subject identifier base path has changed from to

Release Notes: New features include a set of Excel extractors, a DuckDuckGo extractor, a MediaWiki (API) content extractor, a Reddit extractor, a Firefox bookmark file extractor, and an AngularJS based topic map browser extra. Also, HTML structure extractors have been rewritten, and the Semantic Hacker extractor changed to the TextWise extractor. Moreover, users can now export graphs in the Graph topic panel in DOT, GraphML, GraphXML, and GML formats. This release uses Java 7 and has numerous smaller enhancements and fixes.

Release Notes: This release improves interoperability between Wandora and the R language environment.

Release Notes: This release adds a new topic panel Sketch grid, a Tesseract OCR extractor, an occurrence resource Mediawiki uploader, two new server modules (D3 association type bubbles and D3 association role bubbles), and numerous smaller enhancements and fixes.

Release Notes: This release features an undo and redo for all topic map operations. It upgrades Twitter, Facebook, and Europeana extractors. There are numerous fixes and enhancements.


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