Projects / WAILI: Wavelets with Integer Lifting

WAILI: Wavelets with Integer Lifting

WAILI is a wavelet transform library. It includes some basic image processing operations based on the use of wavelets and forms the backbone of more complex image processing operations. WAILI uses integer wavelet transforms based on the Lifting Scheme, provides various wavelet transforms of the Cohen-Daubechies-Feauveau family of biorthogonal wavelets, crop and merge operations on wavelet-transformed images, noise reduction based on wavelet thresholding using Generalized Cross Validation, scaling of images, edge enhancement of images, some simple image operations (addition and subtraction of images), and allows different image representations (RGB, YUV, Lab, ...)


Recent releases

  •  24 Jul 1999 05:42

    Release Notes: WAILI became free software and was rereleased under the GPL. WAILI.xl, a version of WAILI with Extensions for Very Large Images is now available (for internal research only, not (yet) under GPL).


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