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  •  14 Jan 2008 14:10

Release Notes: This release represents a complete redesign and rewrite of the underlying architecture from the previous release. It retains the original look and feel, and has the added benefit of a smaller, more efficient code base. Sessions are no longer maintained via custom functions and changes to WAG settings, users, groups, and applications are made via asynchronous JavaScript calls to the Web server. Example applications are in the process of being modified to accommodate the new architecture.

  •  15 Dec 2004 09:27

Release Notes: Initial functionality for uploading and installing WAG hosted applications was added. With this release, all but one of the example applications are bundled separately, and are not included with the core WAG application. The session timeout capabilities were enhanced by adding client side code to check for user idle time. If the idle time matches the session life span entered for WAG, the browser will initiate a logout and redirect the browser to the login screen. Several other minor enhancements and bugfixes were made.

  •  14 Jan 2004 17:17

Release Notes: Initial code required to add and remove applications from within the gateway has been added. There are two fictitious applications which also represent the initial effort at developing a gateway API for writing WAG compatible applications. The code for assigning specific applications to specific users has been completed.

  •  11 Jan 2004 16:30

Release Notes: This release adds the initial code needed to add/modify/delete users and groups and assign users to groups. Several bugfixes have been made to the installation scripts.


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