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Web Application Gateway

Web Application Gateway provides core functionality, such as user definition, authentication, and administration, for Web applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jan 2008 18:53

    Release Notes: This release fixes an issue related to how WAG determines in which directory it has been installed. WAG should now work regardless of whether or not it has been installed in the root Web directory or a sub-directory under the root Web directory.

    •  14 Jan 2008 22:10

      Release Notes: This release represents a complete redesign and rewrite of the underlying architecture from the previous release. It retains the original look and feel, and has the added benefit of a smaller, more efficient code base. Sessions are no longer maintained via custom functions and changes to WAG settings, users, groups, and applications are made via asynchronous JavaScript calls to the Web server. Example applications are in the process of being modified to accommodate the new architecture.

      •  10 Mar 2005 19:20

        Release Notes: The wagErrorHandler function has been enhanced to provide application specific handlers, email address validation, error reporting for both WAG and application database errors, and "Date Added" and "Date Last Login" information are added to the Administration > Users screen. Email address validation and email password sync issues have been fixed.

        •  21 Jan 2005 19:15

          Release Notes: This release enhances form and HTTP request handlers to minimize risk of SQL injection attacks, adds a check for valid user email address format in the User Detail screen, adds code to override "magic_quote" settings in the php.ini file (eliminating the possiblity of data being stored with multiple backslashes, the need to replace two single quotes with one single quote, and the need to use the stripslashes function on retrieved data). A major bug has been fixed where selecting an existing group or user for modification always resulted in the presentation of the "Add Group" or "Add User" screen.

          •  06 Jan 2005 16:47

            Release Notes: Form and HTTP request handlers were enhanced to minimize risk of cross-site request forgeries. Demo mode checks were added to installing and uninstalling applications.


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